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Public Company Housing Advisory Agency was established on 2001After the reorganisation the public company it was renamed Housing Energy Efficiency Agency, which established on February 19, 2013. The Agency provides consulting services and assistance for homeowners on matters related to the renovation (modernisation) of multi-apartment buildings. It also evaluates and approves submitted investment plans and procurement documents, cooperates with municipal authorities, engineering consultancy companies, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations, etc.

Moreover, the Agency participates in EU-funded international projects, which in turn strengthens cooperation with housing partners from other countries, and enhances skills and experience in developing projects related to the application of alternative energy resources in multi-apartment buildings, and in generating ideas for the construction of passive houses. It also performs activities related to encouraging homeowners to renovate multi-apartment buildings.

In the near future the  Agency is planning to coordinate the Programme for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Public Buildings. Public Company Housing Energy Efficiency Agency is currently implementing the project “Promotion of the Renovation of Multi-apartment Buildings, Stage 2″ No VP3-1.1-AM-02-V-01-002.

The purpose of this project is to encourage the owners of the apartments and other premises in multi-apartment buildings to participate in the Multi-apartment Building Renovation (Modernisation) Programme.

Our mission

Ensure appropriate management and implementation of Agency’s projects and energy efficiency improvement programmes.

Our vision

Be a reliable and innovative organisation that effectively contributes to the improvement of the country’s energy-efficiency.

Our values

Transparency. Professional attitude. Efficiency.

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