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Information for applicants / participants

The project offers a hands-on vocational training as ‘Manager for Urban Redevelopment’ in Lithuania. The action strives to reach one third of the 60 municipalities in Lithuania to start with. As part of the training, participants will be provided guidance and assistance in drafting urban redevelopment concepts regarding their respective municipalities. This way, the project contributes to putting the focus on an integrated approach in energy-efficient urban redevelopment recently settled by Lithuania’s government into practice, starting to close the gap regarding trained staff in the municipalities sustainably.

The training programme covers three main elements:

  1. seminars (8 two-day seminars with 64 units, each 1,5h)
  2. project work with consultations / coaching
  3. and a study tour to Germany (one week).

The duration of the training is from March 2018 until September 2019. In the planned seminars basic information and methods will be presented and discussed, including submission of important readings. During the project work the participants from the different municipalities in Lithuania will elaborate specific redevelopment concepts for case study areas in their municipalities. The study tours (one week) will take place in autumn 2018 and the participants will be guided to several cities in Germany to visit successful case studies.

Following topics are most relevant for the training programme:

  • integrated urban planning – approach, methods, basics, goals
  • relevant international documents for integrated and sustainable urban development – Leipzig Charta 2007 for sustainable urban development, UN Sustainable Development Goals, UN and EU climate protection goals
  • main goals of sustainable urban development – polycentrism, density, mixture of functions and unlocking of inner-city potentials
  • methods and structures for integrated urban analysis, strategies, and concepts
  • urban management and good urban governance – organisation of the administration and decision making, integration of all political decision makers, responsible persons of the administration and important stakeholders of the civil society, internal and external partnerships
  • deduction of concepts, projects and measures
  • sustainable energy production and supply – on the regional, urban and quarter level, energy grids of cities, rehabilitation and energy saving for large scale housing components and for single buildings
  • revitalization of historic districts – city centres / old industrial sites, upgrading of public spaces, intensification and diversification of functions and activities
  • sustainable mobility planning – integrated mobility planning for all modes of movement, experiences, basics, goals and strategies
  • participation – public-private-partnerships, stakeholder involvement, integration of civil society groups / initiatives, inhabitants

The conduction of the seminars, project consultancy / coaching and the study tours will be done synchronically. While the seminars offer basic and main information and methods, the project work will help to apply the theoretical knowledge to existing challenges and topics in the case study areas of the participating municipalities. For the study tour, examples will be selected, which fits for comparisons with the Lithuanian case studies, so that the study tours and the seminars will give a lot of hints and inspirations for the project work and for later integrated urban development strategies and concepts for the Lithuanian municipalities.

The training will be implemented by German and Lithuanian experts. Urban planners and architects from the German firm insar consult will conduct the training programme, supported by further German experts and accompanied by the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO). The Lithuanian State Agency for Housing and Energy Efficiency (Beta) will coordinate the contribution of Lithuanian experts.



Contact Lithuania

Housing and Energy Efficiency (Beta)

Valius Serbenta,

Marius Smaidžiūnas, Simona Ramanauskienė

Svitrigailos Str, 11B | LT-03228 Vilnius | Lithuania

E | m.smaidziunas@betalt.lt

T | +37 060 907 505

Contact Germany

Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO)

Knut Höller, Saskia Lührs

Friedrichstr. 95 | D-10117 Berlin | Germany

E | hoeller@iwoev.orgluehrs@iwoev.org

T | +49 (0)30 20 67 98 02, F | +49 (0)30 20 67 98 04

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